SHARP Annual Unit Refresher Training (URT)

All Soldiers and DA Civilians must receive SHARP Unit Refresher Training (URT) annually. The training is comprised of two distinct parts, as described below. Both courses require AKO login.

Part One (Face-to-Face Training)

A PowerPoint presentation as well as a Training Support Package (TSP) is located on the Army Training Network (ATN) website

Part Two (Online Training)

The online training entitled Standing Strong is Part 2 of this training and located on the Army Learning Management System (ALMS). Users should navigate to the Army Knowledge Online (AKO) website. From the homepage, navigate to Self Service > My Training and then Access the ALMS.

  1. There is a Letter of Instruction (LOI), which users must launch as the first part of this training, followed by the actual training itself.  Users will not see the course itself, or the exam until they launch and close the LOI.
  2. Users will have to go through the entire training before they can take the exam.
  3. At the conclusion of the training, users will take a 15-question exam, which covers material from both the face-to-face training as well as the online training.
  4. Users will pass once they score at least 80 percent, and they can print a copy of their certificate of training for verification

Users should be aware that training in both ATN and ALMS require CAC access.  Once BOTH trainings are completed, the requirement is completed.  It is recommended that both the trainer and management keep a class roster of those individuals who have been trained.